Get 50% More Candidates

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ApplyStream makes it easy for you to apply best practices in online marketing optimization to radically increase your apply rates.

Online test results show just how effective ApplyStream really is.
  • 50% increase in apply rates.
  • 500% more time spent viewing your job posting.
  • 95% of candidates more likely to apply to your job postings.
  • 300% increase in retention of a job description.
ApplyStream can increase your return-on-investment (ROI) on your recruitment advertising campaigns, and reduce costs.

How does it work?

Step 1

You send us your job listings.
To get started, have your team send ApplyStream a copy of all your job listings (commonly, in XML form). Alternatively, we can crawl all of your job listings for you at no cost.

Step 2

We create your ApplyStream-optimized job ads.
Using our proprietary software and algorithms, we create a unique, ApplyStream-enabled landing page for each open position. Each landing page incorporates best marketing practices from thousands of tests meant to optimize the candidate's experience, and maximize the number of applications generated off of each click to your open positions.

Step 3

Your new ApplyStream ads go live.
We can work directly with companies like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder to easily set up the ads for your existing campaigns without altering any tracking or reporting you already have in place. The entire process can take as little as a few days.

Step 4

You see more applications and higher quality candidates.
We are so confident that ApplyStream-enabled job applications will both increase your apply rates and provide a more engaging candidate experience, we are offering a free, 90-day trial during which we will show you increased performance across all of your recruitment advertising campaigns. By using ApplyStream, you can lower your recruitment advertising spend and increase your yield by double-digits. Depending on how much you spend on recruitment advertising, ApplyStream can save you thousands and even millions of dollars annually.
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ApplyStream makes it easy to get up to 50% more candidates without spending another dollar on recruitment advertising. It takes just a few minutes of your time to get started. And for the first 90 days, it doesn't cost you a cent.

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